Building PySim on Mac OS

To build PySim on Mac you need:
  • gcc

  • The boost libraries

  • The eigen libraries

  • Python 3

  • NumPy

  • Cython

Install a compiler and c++ dependancies

For instructions how to install gcc and python please look at these instructions

Once you have gcc and python installed you will also need the boost and eigen libraries. To get these by using brew type:

brew install boost eigen

Get the PySim source

To check out the master branch of the source from github types

git clone

Install the python dependancies

The python requirements are collected in a file called requiements.txt. To install these requirements use pip:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Build PySim

you should now be able to build the c++ and cython extensions and place them along the python code by typing:

python3 build_ext --inplace


After all cython and c++ modules are built and placed in along the python modules you can use PyTest to test the entire pysim package.

python -m pytest

which should give you a result stating the number of tests, the time the testing took, and a final “OK” printed.

If you want to try using pysim with a python prompt then type


You can now do the tests from within the python environment by typing

>>> import pysim
>>> pysim.tests()