Installing PySim

Installing on Windows

PySim is based on Python and is compatible with Python 3. The latest version of Python 3 is 3.5.2. A Windows installer for can be downloaded through the link below.

Once you have python installed you have some options on how to install PySim. The easiest one is to use pip. If you want to do this you can simply type

pip install pysim

And the wheel for pysim and all its dependancies will be downloaded

Installing on Ubuntu

To install PySim on Ubuntu you will need to build it. For build instructions look at Building PySim on Linux.

Installing on Mac OS

PySim must be run on Python 3 and does not work on the default Mac OS version (Python 2). You can download Python 3 for Mac OS here:

Once you have python3 installed you can install a pysim wheel from pypi by typing

pip3 install pysim